Tech initiative for young minds, to intentionally increase young people's productivity through technology and future thinking.



Mind The Gap

The outcome of our work around supporting Tech and Non-Tech Startups with business advisory, future thinking, and bespoke performance & other business improvement strategies underscored the need for a full-blown 'passion for tech' assessment. This assessment showed a huge gap and disconnect between most Non-tech Startup founders and technological solutions, platforms, and tech advancement. Tech, as we know is the pivot of today and the future solution provider, so it behoves on us to ensure this disconnect is bridged. Again, if the adults were disconnected from tech and its nuances, how about the Children...? So, this mindset birthed the Mind The Gap (MTG) Tech Programme for Children.
We mind the tech gap in children, adults, and businesses through training and capacity building as well as advisory support services. Our training programmes includes Coding, Animation, Robotics, Photography & Cinematography, Graphic design (UI/UX), Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Future Thinking.


CLOSING CEREMONY: Mind the Gap Holiday Programme 2022